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Images are the important part of website. It makes content easy to understand. You can also optimize these images for image organic traffic. For this, you need to have SEO friendly images in your website. They appear better in image search results and gives you bonus organic image search traffic.

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WordPress Plugin For SEO Friendly images

For making SEO friendly images, we must use proper keyword in the title and ALT tag of the image. Adding the ALT tag in the image is easy. When we upload the image in WordPress, it shows a simple form just after uploading. At that time, we can add ALT tag in the image.

I always add ALT tag in the image just after uploading to make images search engine friendly. But most of the time, i had uploaded images without adding ALT. So there are so many images in the website which do not have proper ALT tag. Searching all those images which do not have ALT tag and adding ALT tag manually in those is not an easy task. And this tough task is really necessary to make website search engine friendly.

SEO friendly images is a nice WordPress Plugin which automatically adds ALT tag in the images with the preference you set in the plugin’s setting.

If you use proper name of the image, you can use %name in the attribute settings. For better result you can use %name %title.

Download SEO friendly images plugin


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