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List of CommentLuv Enabled Blogs for Blog Commenting

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Blog commenting is the most popular and easiest way of creating backlinks for your blog. Not all but there are many blogs which offer a backlink to your blog if you do a genuine comment. To make comment process interesting, few WordPress blogs also install CommentLuv plugin. CommentLuv Plugin takes blog commenting to a new level by giving two backlink to a person commenting on a blog. This plugin also allows blog owners to allow do follow backlinks. So, commenting on blogs with CommentLuv installed it useful.

What are CommentLuv Enabled Blogs?

Most of you already guess what are CommentLuv enabled blogs. Blogs with CommentLuv plugin installed are the CommentLuv Enabled Blogs. 

How to find blogs with CommentLuv

There are millions of blogs. So, finding blogs with CommentLuv can be a pain. One good way is to use blog finder tools. You can try dropmylink.com and putmylink.com like sites to find blogs to comments.

Note: Many bloggers install CommentLuv in early days of blogging. After few days, they switch to Disqus like plugins. So, all backlinks you made will not exist after that. Few of the sites listed may have already switched to some other comment system.

List of Commentluv Enabled Blogs 2016

These are the list of CommentLuv enabled blogs. If you find any blog which has removed the CommentLuv, let us know. I will remove it from the list.

  1. http://kikolani.com/
  2. http://wassupblog.com/
  3. http://hotblogtips.com/
  4. http://betterbloggingways.com/
  5. http://www.geekandblogger.com/
  6. http://basicblogtips.com/
  7. http://www.woblogger.com/
  8. http://www.favouritehobbies.com/
  9. http://techchunks.com/
  10. http://zapworld.in/
  11. http://techpatio.com/
  12. http://www.geekdashboard.com/
  13. http://blogelina.com/
  14. http://bloggingspree.com/
  15. http://superbloggingtips.com/
  16. http://www.blogengage.com/
  17. http://eyes4tech.com
  18. http://thenextgoal.com/
  19. http://collegefallout.com/
  20. https://www.webuildyourblog.com
  21. http://www.techblaster.net/
  22. http://vancesova.com
  23. http://blondish.net/

I will keep on updating this list to add more CommentLuv enabled blogs and remove those blogs who have removed the CommentLuv. If you know a blog that should be in the list, let me know. I will add it as soon as possible.

I also recommend you to do genuine comment on these blogs in order to get your comment approved.


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