Top 5 ways to earn money from your blog in 2018

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A few years back when I started the blog, blogging was just a hobby and very few people were doing it full time. Now, there are various bloggers who are earning big with their blogs. So, more and more people are now blogging and trying their luck to adopt it as a full-time business. In my 6 years of the journey as a Full-time blogger, I have seen several ups and downs. I learned a lot about monetization and tested what can work on what kind of content.

Blogging has gifted me a lot and I have earned more than my friends are earning with their corporate jobs. The only thing you need to take care is the proper planning and focusing on relevant monetization strategy. You must understand the content of your blog before you apply a monetizing strategy.

Every blogger wants to make his/her website famous and earn money from the website. But most of those fail in this. Only having a website does not make you rich. You need to have a good strategy for this. Choosing some right ways can boost your monthly income from the website. If you have a website or blog that gets good traffic, you can go for various monetization methods to convert traffic and popularity into revenue. Before you jump into the top ways section, you must understand that all 5 ways are not helpful for every blogger. Only 1, 2 or 3 will work for you depending on the content type.

In this post, I will discuss top 5 ways to earn money from a blog. As a full-time blogger, I am using these ways to earn full-time income and feed a team of people who are helping me to manage my blogs.

ways to earn money from your blog and website

These are 5 best ways to earn money from your blog. You can apply these ways to earn a good income from your blog.

1.  Advertising Networks

The most used and best way to earn money from your website is the PPC Ads network. You can join any ad network that offers PPC ads. Google Adsense is the most popular advertising networking offer pay per click revenue model. But it is strict in approval policy. If you are not getting approval from Adsense, you can use other Adsense alternative offering similar kind of PPC advertisement. Chitika is one of the best Adsense alternative available

In case you have good traffic but visitors are not clicking on your ads, you can try CPM ad networks. These CPM ad networks pay for ads impressions. The eCPM rates depend on the traffic source country and various other factors. I use Sulvo and it is working very good for me. I also posted Sulvo Review. You can also see the list of 50 high paying CPM ad networks.

Along with banner advertising networks, there are few intext link ad networks. While I do not recommend Infolinks or Kotera, I recommend Viglink. It converts text on your blog post into links to products and gives you commission from sales. Unlike Infolinks or Kontera, Viglink ads do not irritate visitors and recommend them high-quality products.

2. Affiliate marketing

This is another most popular way of earning money from your blog. If you have good authority and reader base, you should surely try this way of earn money. You can recommend products of a company and get the commission for each sale. Amazon runs one of the biggest affiliate programs. You can recommend Amazon’s product and earn a commission on each sale. ClickBank and Sharesales run affiliate network for the variety of products. You can join these programs and promote products to earn commissions.

Almost all popular web hosting companies and themes design company offer the good commission for the sale. You can promote their products and earn commission for the sale. I recommend affiliate programs of BlueHost, DreamHost, Hostgator, Themeforest, Elegant Themes, Thesis and Genesis themes.

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There are various other networks which offer affiliate. So, join affiliate programs and earn money from your blog. Here the success depends on the product you are selecting and recommending. And the way you recommend a product. Always try to sell a product that you have used before recommending. In this way, you will be knowing the pros and cons of the product. So, you can better explain why one should buy it. Finding affiliate network for any niche is easier. Most of the companies dealing with product sales offer affiliate commission. If you are tech blogger, you can recommend gadgets and software. Fashion blogger can recommend dresses. Book reviewers can recommend books and so on.

If you are not sure where to find affiliate networks for your niche, you can comment below to get my help.

3. Direct advertising

You can sell ads directly from your website. Let advertisers contact you for banner or link ads and decide the monthly price for a banner or link. You should create an advertising page where you can list the details of your blog’s traffic and email address to content. Also, mention why advertising on your blog will be helpful for advertisers. Advertise page can do lot more for you. So, write to influence the advertiser and try to convince.

As there are millions of website, most of the people never get the attention of advertisers. In this case, you can directly pitch relevant companies to advertise on your blog and show them the benefits of advertising on your blog. You can also take help of few marketplaces to contact advertisers.

4. Paid reviews

If you are a blogger, you can earn money by giving paid reviews on your blog. Some companies directly contact you to write a paid review of their services. For getting paid reviews, you need to have the good amount of traffic on your website, good Alexa rank and Domain authority. LinkVehicle and Sponsored reviews are few popular websites that help bloggers in getting paid reviews.

Here, you need to consider one important thing. Paid reviews and link selling are two different things. If someone approaches you to give a dofollow link for money, try to avoid this kind of offer. You will earn money in short time but this will affect your blog.

Here, you should also consider the most important thing while doing a paid review. Your blog readers and your blog traffic is the thing that helps you get advertisers and paid reviews. So, never cheat on them. Never write good about a band products just for money.

Here, I want to make it clear how I do pay reviews. I charge money for review only if the product is paid. It is because I am giving time to reviewing a product and company will get sales. If the product is free, I never charge for the review. You should also follow the same thing. Because writing good about a bad product will surely hurt your blog’s reputation.

5. Offer paid service

You can also offer some paid services from your blog and can earn by that service. You can offer anything based on your skills. Like I offer web design and WordPress related services. Create a hire me page, mention your skills and show your previous work. Try to make a better portfolio to get more work. If your blog starts getting good traffic, people will surely look for your blog and contact you if they need any kind of work done.

You can also join Odesk,, and other freelancing work websites to get more work. In these websites, you can easily bid of projects and get hired.

There are many other ways to earn money from your website. Those ways include paid content, membership, ebooks, link ads and many other ways. But, these are top 5 ways which can help you to earn some good amount of part-time income.

What strategy do you use to earn money from your blog? Share your ways with us in comments.



  1. One thing that I would like to add here the use of Affiliate Networks to collaborate with tons of affiliate products and services and earn by promoting them. For example you can see Commission Junction for a bunch full list of affiliate programs across the world.

  2. I just have sign-up with BSA, Sponsored Reviews and Link Vehicle. Let’s see one of those will work at least with me. Thanks for the post!!!

  3. I agree with your five thought. But from all these, affiliate marketing is one of the interesting ways of earning money online.

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