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WordPress is the most popular platform for publishing content on the web and creating a blog. WordPress can be used to create any kind of website and blogs. There is a wide range of plugins and themes available which can be used to enhance the performance. But installing the WordPress and creating a website is not enough. You need to do some SEO to get good search engine ranking. There are various factors which affect your article’s ranking. These factors include SEO friendly permalinks, keyword density, article quality, SEO friendly images and other things. For on page SEO, there are some SEO plugins for WordPress available which can be used to improve WordPress site search engine ranking. In this post, we are listing 5 best WordPress SEO plugins.

If you will ask me for the one best name, I will say SEO by Yoast. I personally use this plugin and it does a good job for me. If you are willing to buy, then you can go for SEOPressor. It is a premium plugin but works awesome. I am also thinking to give this plugin a try.

5 Best WordPress SEO Plugins

1 SEO By Yoast

SEO By Yoast: best WordPress SEO Plugins

SEO By Yoast is one of the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress. This plugin comes with all the options and settings you need to have in SEO optimized blog. It lets you add meta descriptions and meta tags in each post. It also adds canonical tag automatically in every post. The main advantage of this plugin is that it removes replytocom parameter of WordPress from indexing and protects from the duplicate content issue. I personally use this plugin and recommend.

It helps you in writing better content, seeing full page analysis, optimizing meta tags, creating XML Sitemaps and RSS Optimization. It is social integration and Multi-Site Compatibility. This plugin is most popular free WordPress plugin and receives regular updates to get new features to help WordPress users in optimizing their websites.

We rank it first in the list of best WordPress SEO Plugins.

2. All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO plugin comes with all built in SEO features which you would expect. It is very simple and easy to use. You can add everything needed for SEO and see the SEO rating of your post before going to publish. It is one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress available.

All in one SEO pack: best WordPress SEO Plugins

Main features of this plugin are:

  • Google Analytics support
  • XML Sitemap support
  • Canonical URLs
  • META tags
  • Optimization of Title
  • Compatibility with many other plugins
  • And more.

This plugin was initially created in 2007 and still, this plugin is in development. It receives frequent updates. You can still see that it has over 1 million downloads. It shows that this plugin is still popular among people.

3. SEO Ultimate

SEO Ultimate is an all in one SEO plugin for WordPress. It allows users to add meta keywords, meta description, edit meta robot tags, 404 monitoring and many other SEO factors.

SEO plugins for wordpress SEO Ultimate

It offers features like title tag rewriting, meta description editor, Deeplink Juggernaut, Opengraph integration, Rich Snippet Creation, Canonicalizer and many more features. If you want to try it, you should download and see what kind of features this plugin offer.

4. SEO Content Control

SEO Content Control shows the report card of a post with colors. It also claims to be the best plugin which helps to fight with Google Panda slaps. SEO Content Control will be your tool to get rid of poor pieces of content. Your users will find your blog more attractive, and the search engines as well.

SEO Content Control: best WordPress SEO Plugins

5. Platinum SEO Pack

Platinum SEO pack is a nice plugin which optimizes your WordPress blog for Search Engines. It generates all SEO related meta tags, helps you in optimizing title & post and also offers 301 redirection for any permalink change.

Platinum SEO Pack

These are main features of this plugin

  • Automatic 301 redirects for any permalink changes
  • Canonical URLs
  • Optimized Post and Page Titles for search engines
  • Generates all SEO relevant META tags automatically
  • Option to specify meta description and meta keywords tag for categories and tag pages.
  • Option to turn off Page title or Post title rewrites for any particular post or page.
  • Option to turn off Page title or Post title format for any particular post or page
  • Helps you avoid duplicate content
  • Lets you override any title and set any META description and META keywords, for any post or page
  • Support for custom post types
  • Support for custom taxonomies in version 1.3.4 (Thanks to Aidan – sww.co.nz)
  • Compatible with most other plugins, like Auto Meta,
  • You dont have to fear to change permalinks.

Final Words

These are 5 best WordPress SEO Plugins you can try. There are many other SEO plugins for WordPress are also available. But using any one from the collection is enough. In case you are willing to pay, I will recommend SEOPressor. It is being used by various pro-bloggers. It offers nice features to optimize your blog post for a keyword.

Along with these plugins, I also recommend you to start using SEMrush. It is a nice tool to know about your website and your competitor’s website.

What SEO plugin do you use in your blog? Share it with us via comments.


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