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Showing related post in blog helps in engaging the users more on the blog. Thus it helps in reducing the bounce rate of the blog and builds readership and stability to the blog. There are various related post plugins available but most of them needs some design skills. Those plugins shows related post in simple text links. But having related post with thumbnails looks nice and attract visitors to go through the content. It also encourages users to click and see the post if featured post is appealing. So, you must try adding related posts with thumbnails at the end of articles.

In this post I am writing some nice WordPress plugin which shows related posts with thumbnails. Try any of these Related Posts With Thumbnails Plugins and see how it works for you.

5 Best Related Posts With Thumbnails WordPress Plugins


Related Posts With Thumbnails Plugin

OutBrain is a nice WordPress plugin which pulls best related posts and shows them with thumbnails. The most important thing about the plugin is that it inherits the design of your blog. You can also disable the thumbnails if you only want to show list of post titles. It also has an option which lets you show sponsored stories around web and earn money too. But blogs with 1,000,000 page views or higher will have the opportunity to earn.

2. LinkWithin

Linkwithin WordPress Plugin

LinkWithin is the most important related post plugin. It is available for various blogging platforms including WordPress, Blogger, Typepad. This is free and takes only one or two minute in installation. There is no need to signup to use this plugin. It is one of the most popular Related Posts With Thumbnails Plugins used by bloggers.

3. Related Posts Thumbnails

Related Post Thumbnails is a nice WordPress plugin adds related posts with thumbnails after the post. Plugin allows to customize thumbnail sizes, display settings and type of relation. You can specify number of related posts to display, start date, categories to show on and to include, top text, style settings, default image URL.

4. nrelate

nRelate is also a famous related post plugin and best known for displaying the relevant content to the related posts. nrelate integrates well with Blogger, Tumblr & WordPress platforms. They also provide advertising options which will help you in earning some extra income.

Note: nrelate plugin is now not available

5. Related Post Slider


Related Post Slider is a light-weight jQuery implementation of related post. It uses YARPP plugin and WordPress Related Posts plugin to fetch related post and then show the thumbnails. It also allows users to set number of related posts and customize the look.

These are the few Related Posts With Thumbnails Plugins. If you know any other nice related post plugin, share with us via comment.


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