How to Stick a post to the front page in WordPress

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Many times you may see that few popular blogs used to add a post on the top of their recent post. They use this kind of strategy for the important post to get more visibility. Visitors generally come to a post page or homepage, and older posts are hard to find if they are not ranking well on search engines. So, if you want people to read any of your old but important post, you can consider it sticking at the home page of your blog. If you are also thinking to do the same, you can do it easily in WordPress. And yes, there is nothing difficult to add this. Neither you need to add any PHP code in any of your WordPress theme file nor you need to install any WordPress plugin. WordPress offers an option in the post editor page.

Login to your WordPress dashboard and go to “All posts” section under “Posts.” Here find the post which you want to stick at home page and edit that post. On post editor page, find the “visibility” option at the right side in the “Publish” section. Now click on the “Edit” button in front of “Visibility” and you will see a select box saying “Stick this post to the front page” under Public. Just select this checkbox and the update the post.

Wordpress post stick at top

Now go to homepage of your blog and see your post at the top of all recent post. You can stick any of your post at front page of your blog as featured post. In this way, post will surely get more attention from readers and new visitors.


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