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Must follow SEO Tips For Bloggers

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Killer SEO TIps for bloggersSEO is all about getting better rank for your targeted keyword and get more visitors from organic search. But while writing your blog posts you need to take care of both readers and search engines. Recent Google algorithms also take care of these factors. Those blogs which are search engine friendly but not reader friendly, get Google penalty. So we need to take care of many things in a single blog post. For getting better search engine visibility, wee need to take care of various things including design, site structure, proper content and many more things. In past few years, I am writing on my blogs and have seen various ups and downs. I also learnt various things which helps in making my blog better day by day. In this post, I am listing few must follow tips for bloggers who want to do SEO on their blog.

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Here are some SEO tips which can be useful while blogging:

1. Focus on Keywords:

While writing any blog post, you need to focus on keywords. Try to write an attractive article having better use of keywords. If you have a post idea, I recommend you to go for keyword research. Now days, log tail keywords are more beneficial. I personally use Hittail to get popular but less competitive keywords idea. Select keywords for your post and then try to write an attractive blog post with better use of those keywords. But do not use keyword stuffing. Search engines actually penalize sites for doing keyword stuffing. Take care of readability of articles while focusing on keywords. Avoid grammar mistakes in the article.

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2. Use Meta Tags

Add meta tags to your blog. You also need to know how to use meta tags properly. Use keywords related to your blog in meta keywords and description tags. Although Google never use Keyword Meta tags but other search engine still give it importance. It is a nice idea to give the summery about your blog to search engines. Google and other search engines use meta description data to show snippet in search results. So writing an attractive meta description can increase CTR in search results. I personally use SEO by Yoast WordPress plugin to optimize my post for a keyword and adding meta tags. Few other SEO plugins for WordPress also available which offers these options.

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3. Use Social Sharing Plugins

Social Media sharing is also a nice way to get readers and visitors to your blog. It is most important these days as most of the people live their life on social media websites. So you need to give readers and easy way to share content of your website on various social networks. Always use easy to use social sharing plugins in your blog. Now search engines also take care of website popularity in social media. Try to get more +1 on Google+. If you are using WordPress, you can use social share WordPress plugins to easily integrate sharing buttons in your blog posts.

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4. Images Related to Post and Image ALT text

If you are planning for writing a new post then you should also focus on images as well. This will increase your blog’s visibility in images searches and also make post attractive. Add keyword in ALT and title of the image to make it search engine friendly. Google also gives priority to good quality content. And a blog post with images is seen as good post. So adding an image can boost your blog’s SEO. If you have many posts, you should try to edit older posts to add ALT in images. You can also take advantage of SEO friendly Images WordPress plugin. This WordPress plugin automatically adds ALT tag in those images which have empty ALT tag.

5. Interlinking

Interlinking is one of the important thing which you should never avoid. By interlinking to your old articles, you are making it easier to index your old blog posts. If you use better interlinking, Google crawlers will find your pages from various ways. It improves the reputation of a page. You can take the example of Wikipedia, which usually adds more than 50 internal links from a single page.

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These are some basic SEO tips for bloggers which are easy to follow. If you follow these simple SEO tips in each of your posts, i am sure your will see instant effects. Having a blog is not enough if your efforts are not praised by readers. So promotion and SEO is equally important.


Deepanker Verma is the CEO of Techlomedia and a full time blogger. On this blog, he shares web design resources, SEO tips blog monetization tips.