Secure way of storing password with PHP

Secure way of storing password with PHP Best WordPress Hosting

In recent hacking incidents, we have seen that most of the big companies failed in securing passwords. Saving passwords in plain text is not recommended. Best way to store passwords in database is to save the hash of passwords. There are various hashing functions including md5, sha1, sha512, etc. But all these hashing mechanism can be hacked by using bruteforce attack. Although, it is not as easy and sometimes next to impossible depending on the password strength but there is a chance. So, there is also a better way. I found a library which helps in saving passwords in secure way without any kind of complex coding.

‘Portable PHP password hashing framework’ offers an easy to use library. Just download, and include it in your code. See the below code to learn how to use it.


It works with PHP 3 and above.


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