Rain Drop Effects With Rainyday.js

Rain Drop Effects With Rainyday.js Best WordPress Hosting

Rainyday.js is a cool JavaScript library that uses HTML5 Canvas to render animated rain drops falling on a window glass. It looks really awesome and fells like you are watching real rain drops falling on a glass.

It is easy to use Library and supported by most of the modern browsers which support HTML5.

Demo Download

Rain Drop Effects With Rainyday.js

How to use it:

Add the html section with an image background and canvas.

Include rainyday.js library file in the footer of the web page and create the function to add the raindrop effect.




  1. Is it possible play with the values you have set so that I can vary:
    1. amount of droplets
    2. droplets speed
    3. droplets size

      1. Thanks for the info. I’d be interested in the basic steps for wordpress integration as well. I did not see a follow up post. Was one written? I will play around with it a little more myself if not.

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