Makisu, 3D DropDown Menu With CSS

Makisu, 3D DropDown Menu With CSS Best WordPress Hosting

You may have seen so many nice CSS dropdown menus with many effects. But you will hardly find any menu with 3D effects. In this post, i bring a nice 3d Dropdown menu that is available free of cost for any kind of use. So you will now have a 3D effects on your website.

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Makisu is a nice CSS Dropdown menu with 3D effects. This menu can fold down and fold up on mouse event and the effects are really cool. This plugin is built on CSS3 and jQuery and supports latest web browsers only. After adding this plugin to your web page, it automatically converts any targeted list menu to a 3D dropdown menu with 3D effects.

Makisu, 3D DropDown Menu With CSS


It is just a regular jQuery plugin. So you will find it easy to use and customize.

This menu also allows easy customization with available options. You can set fall back speed, colors of items and shading of items with available variables.

This menu works only in the browsers which supports 3D effects such as Google Chrome. If a browser does not support 3D effects of the menu, it shows a simple dropdown list without any effects.

Requirements: jQuery
Compatibility: Most Modern Browsers


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