jQuery Pictures ToolTip Plugin, iPicture

jQuery Pictures ToolTip Plugin, iPicture Best WordPress Hosting

Sometimes we need to create images with added information for description. It is nice to describe each part of the image within the image. iPicture is a nice plugin that works best in this situation.

Do you want to create interactive pictures on web pages with extra description without using extra space on the page? iPicture is a nice jQuery plugin that is used to add description in the different parts of the image. It adds a rounded plus icon on the image where you want to add description. On taking mouse over the icon, it shows a nice description.

It is a nice plugin that is easy to customize and configure.

jQuery Pictures ToolTip Plugin, iPicture

Most important thing about this plugin is that it is compatible to slideshow and sliders. It also works with images of every size.

It is free to download and use in any kind of personal and commercial web applications.

Requirements: jQuery
Demo: http://ipicture.justmybit.com/demo/ipicture-furniture-demo.php
Download: http://ipicture.justmybit.com/download.php
Author: Sara Dalia

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