Importance of Website’s speed in search engine ranking

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Importance of Website speed in search engine ranking

What do I mean by website speed?

Website speed is the amount of time a website takes on complete loading on the user’s web browser. As a internet user I like those websites which open fast. I hate to wait for a website to load slowly. And I am sure you also do the same.

Many times when a user search for a query on the Google or any other search engines and clicks on a search result to navigate to a web page, he wants to get the instant result for his query. But what if a website takes too much time to load. User will click back and click on another result. This is the strategy used by most of the internet user including me. Many of us think that using a good web hosting service is enough to make our website load faster on user computer. But I do not think that it is enough. You have to make your website faster by testing various things.

Your users will have a significantly better experience if your site has a faster load time. Users do not want to wait more for a website to load. So Google started giving this importance in finding relevant search result. Google announced this via a post on Google webmaster central blog.

Google’s Matt Cutts has stated that, “We want the web to be faster, we want sites to load quickly”, so it’s very possible that Google could be looking to encourage and reward this through their ranking of sites.

It means a website which loads slow will have some negative points on search engine ranking thus affects search ranking because of slow speed. In a some studies conducted by Google, their findings revealed that if a website loads 100 to 400 milliseconds slower than normal, the user will most likely decrease the amount of usage and time on each individual visit to that particular site. If your site is slower than a competitor’s website, you are on the risk of losing business solely based on load time.

So it’s a time to think about your Website speed again. Because most important visitors are those who comes from organic search results. And if you are loosing your search engine ranking, you are going to face a great loss. So take necessary steps to improve your Website speed. You can consider adding caching, optimizing images, compressing css/JS and use the CDN service. If you are a WordPress user, you can read our WordPress Speedup guide.

How to check website load time?

There are various online tools available which lets you check the loading time of your website from various locations. I personally use Pingdom to check the load time of my website. This tool not only display the load time but also breaks down the load time of each and individual component of your website.

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