Image Cropping With imgAreaSelect jQuery Plugin

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Image Cropping With imgAreaSelect jQuery PluginImage cropping is an important feature that we must know how to implement. Many times we need to implement it on the website. If you do know how to code a cropping function, you can use opensource plugins. imgAreaSelect is a nice plugin to crop an image. Web developers can easily integrate it in application to add image cropping functionality. This feature is a need for websites having photo gallery or user profile option.

Main features of imgAreaSelect:

  • Highly configurable
  • Customizable with CSS styling
  • Handles scaled images
  • Keyboard support for moving and resizing the selection
  • Supports callback functions
  • Provides API functions for easier integration with other application components
  • Lightweight — the packed version is less than 8KB

This script is very easy to use and customize. It will easily fit into your website’s layout. It works in all major browsers, including Firefox 2+, Opera 9.5+, Google Chrome, Safari 3+, and Internet Explorer 6+.


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