How To Remove WordPress Tags & Categories from Google Search Results?

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Google Panda and Google Penguin updates are hitting most of the bloggers’ blog badly. Many bloggers reported that the traffic of their blog is going down and down daily. So it is my advice to do some smart things to protect your blog from these kind Google updates. If your website has not got any slap from these updates, it does not mean that it will not get. So you must try to follow all the quality guidelines for website content and links.

Duplicate content is the main issue which was covered by Google Panda. All those websites which produce duplicate content got panda slap and saw low traffic. Here one point to note that dupkicate content is not only the content taken from other website. If you have same content in more than one pages of your blog or websie, your website will also be considered as copy content producer.

If you are a blogger who use WordPress as blog cms, you must know that there are few flwas of WordPress which produce content of a page on multiple pages. Duplicate content issue arises ini your blog when Google Bot indexes Category and Tag pages along with the post. Suppose you have published a post “SEO tips for blogs” under the tag “SEO” and category “Blog SEO”, your post will be available on 3 pages of yout blog and thus causing the duplication issues according to Google algorithms.

How to Fix this duplicate content issue in WordPress?

To Fix this issue, you must disallow Google bots to index tag and category pages of your blog. To check if your blog’s category and tag links are indexed on Google, try these google searches.


Replace with the domain name of your blog.

If you find links of your blogs showing in the search results, its time to do somthing to protect your blog from Google Panda slaps. You can use Google Webmasters tools to remove this tag and category links from Google and remove the duplicate content issue.

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If you want to remove category and tag pages from google, you can use robot.txt file to instruct google bots not to index those pages. You can use disallow: /category/ & disallow: /tag/ in robots.txt. There are many SEO plugins available which can do this job for you. I personally recommend Yoast SEO plugin. This SEO plugin give you control what content to index by google and what to not. You will have only to select tag and category and this plugin will stop Google bots to index those pages.



  1. Its very important to remove category and tags from google, because it increase waste pages on google, which are of no use..

  2. I told Yoast to tell google to stop indexing my category pages because my Divi Theme that I built my site with doesn’t work on category pages and looks like crap. I set up regular pages to function as my categories. I then disabled category displays for category based modules so they can’t be accessed within my site. Even though I told Yoast to tell Google not to index those pages, they are still coming up. I only did this about three days ago. Does it take awhile for changes to take effect or am I stuck with it? Categories make my blog look ugly.

    1. After you use Yoast to tell Google not to index tags and categories, it doesn’t happen instantly. It will be page by page. Next time when Google will crawl your page, it will understand that you no longer these pages to be index and it will take your request. Then it will deindex in next few days depending on the number of pages. We can never tell when Google will next going to crawl those pages. So, have patience and wait around a week or two.

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