How to Change Username of WordPress website

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Have you ever tried to change username of WordPress based website? If you have tried it by going in your profile page in WordPress dashboard, you will find a message saying “usernames cannot be changed.” So do you think it is impossible? No it is not. In this post, we will see how we can change the username of WordPress from phpMyAdmin.

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Login into your cpanel and find the databased section. Here click on phpMyadmin.

Open PHPMyAdmin


Now select the database of your blog from the left side bar. In your database, select table wp_users

How to Change Username of WordPress website


Now click on edit in front of row hacking user_login as admin

How to Change Username of WordPress website

 Change the user_login value to whatever you want. Change it to a name that is hard to guess. The click on go button. Now go to your website and login with this new username and password.

There is also an easy way of doing this. You can create a  new user account in your WordPress website. Then give administrator privileges to this newly created account. Login with this new user account and deleted the old one having username as “admin.

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