How Beneficial Is Keyword Research and How to do it?

Keyword researchYour online business is all depends on the number of visitors your website attracts. If you want to earn some good income from your website, you need to get a large number of visitors to your website. Best traffic that convert sale is the traffic which come from organic search of various search engine.To get better organic search traffic, you website must be at the first page of the Google for various keywords. If you are not on the 1st page of search engine’s result, you are missing a lot of visitors daily. Very less people go to other search pages for website results because 1 st page is enough to give them satisfactory results. If you think your website is not performing well on search engines, you must do a proper keyword research.Keyword research can help you in making a solid beginning in online market. With increasing competition, you need to ensure that yours is one of the best websites on the internet. Selecting a good keyword and having a good keyword density in your website is the best way to get effective search engine ranking for that keyword.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the process of analyze your website content, select keywords and do search engine optimization according to keywords you have selected. It means selecting a high searched keyword with low competition is the thing which we do in keyword research. By using various tools, try to find keywords which people generally search and then see the competition for that keyword. Try to select keyword with less competition and high search volume. There are so many online and offline tools available which helps in Keyword research.

Most famous keyword research tool is “Google AdWords Keyword Tool.” Now Google Keyword Planner tool.

How To Do KeyWord Research

In order to do perform better SEO, you must know how to research keywords for your website. You have to do a deep research on your website and select some good keywords related to your website. It’s better idea to have more than one keywords and phrases. But not too many. All keywords and phrases must reflect your website product and content effectively. But having keywords is better to have phrase. So concentrate on keywords more.

You can try Google Keyword Planner tool. Open this tool and see section “Find New Keywords.” In this, select “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category.”

Keyword Planner Tool

Now, it will ask you to enter few details to suggest the keywords of your choice. Enter the keyword and click on get ideas button. In the results page, select the tab “Keyword ideas” and see the keywords with high search volume but low competition.

Keyword research with Adword Keyword Planner

During a keyword research you may find that a particular phrase may get thousands of searches every month because thousands of websites on the internet which make use of particular phrases or keywords. In such a case ranking high on the search engine can become a difficult task. So you need to do the proper use of keywords.

There are various other tools which may help you in Keyword research. Now days, competition is too much. SO, it is hard to get good ranking for direct keywords. So, try for long tail keywords. You can try Hittail long tail keyword suggestion tool. It helps by suggesting long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are less searched, but you can easily rank an article for 3-4 long tail keywords. SO, you will ultimately get equal benefit by doing less hard work Another tool is SEMrush. Good thing about this keyword is that it lets you spy on your competitors keywords. You can easily know the keywords of your competitors and the try to outrank them. You can read the full SEMrush Review to know more about this.

How do you perform Keyword research in your website? Which keyword research tool do you use? If you have anything to share with us, you can either share it via comment or be a guest write on QuickWebResources.


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