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Many times we need code syntax highlighter plugin to highlight syntax of the Code on the web pages. Webmasters who have websites for code examples and programming tutorials, needs this kind of plugins to show code in highlighted form. I also use a smiliar kind of plugin on this website. In this blog, i have posted some code syntax highlighters.

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rainbow syntax highlighterIf you are looking for a light weight solution to add a syntax highlighter in the website, You can use Rainbow plugin. This is lightweight and small (1.4 KB) in size. It is easy to customize and you can change the look and feel by editing CSS.

How does it work?
Rainbow on its own is very simple. It goes through code blocks, processes regex patterns, and wraps matching patterns in <span> tags. All the theming is left up to CSS.

This plugin supports all the available browsers.

Read More about this plugin and how to use it



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