Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin: Avoid Broken Links in Blog

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Broken Link Checker WordPress PluginBroken links are not good for website SEO. It always add a negative impact on the website. For WordPress, Broken link checker WordPress plugin (BLC) is a nice plugin which can help web masters in removing broken links and fix redirection. This plugin finds all broken and redirected links and give you options to fix them in many ways.

Broken Links: Broken links are outgoing links from your blog that do not exists. These are also called dead link and return 404 status code. If some one tries to access any broken link, he will see a 404 error page and search engine will get 404 status code.

There are some online web services which also helps users to know the broken links of the website. But for WordPress bloggers, i will suggest using Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin to keep your work simple

Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin

First of all download and install the Broken Link Checker WordPres Plugin in your WordPress blog. Activate the plugin after installation and then go to the settings page.

After installation, this plugin will start parsing your posts, pages, blogroll and other content. This process will take enough time depending on the size of your website. After parsing, it will start looking whether the link works ot not. This process is also time taking depending on the size of your website. You can monitor the progress and tweak various link checking options in Settings -> Link Checker.

Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin

You can also change the options according to your need. I will recommnd to use “Stop search engines from following broken links.” This is really needed step for your blog.

After running this plugins for hours, it will show a list of broken links in your website. Now you have to resolve the issue. For comments links, just unlink. For blogposts, update the links.

The most interesting feature of the plugin is finding redirection and then fixing it. For those who have shifted their blog from blogger or changed the domain name of the blog, this plugin is a life save.

Note: This plugin takes too much size of database and also creates some tables. SO after using this plugin, i will suggest to de-activate the plugin and remove those tables created by the plugin. Here are the tables created by BLC WordPress plugin: _blc_filters, _blc_instances, _blc_links, _blc_synch

Broken links are always bad for website reputation so you need to be very careful. I will suggest you to check all your website for broken links and redirection to have a better search engine reputation. This Broken Link Checker plugin is best for WordPress.


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