Brackets Minifier is a Free Tool to Minify JS and CSS

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As a developer, we all know the important of curley brackets and properly written code. But minify is another important thing for speeding up the website. So, tools to minify CSS and JS code have an importance for developers.

Now come to the Brackets code editor. It is a popular open source code editor used by thousands of developers. If you also use this lightweight and powerful code editor, ‘Brackets Minifier’ is something you will find interesting.

Brackets Minifier is the extension of this code editor that lets you JavaScript and CSS files with ease.

Brackets Minifier lets you easily minify JavaScript and CSS in your code and save your time.

You can download it here.

This is not a new tool. It has been into existence for around 2 years. But people using Brackets will surely want to try it.


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