10 Best Adsense Alternatives For Your Blog: 2018 Edition

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Google Adsense is the best advertising network for those having websites with good traffic. I have been a Google Adsense publisher for over years and earning a decent income.

Signing up on Google Adsense is easy but getting Adsense approval is not easy. Many people couldn’t get Adsense due to several reasons. Many times, Google also disables Adsense accounts for several reasons. If you are the one. Who do not have Adsense account can look for potential alternate.

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There are several good Google Adsense alternatives that help you in earning decent income with your blog’s traffic. While earning depends on several factors, you may still get good response. Even if you have Adsense, you can use any of these alternates along with Adsense to boost your earning.

As I already recommend, I also want to note that Affiliate marketing is one of the best source of income. You should not just rely on Advertising networks but also try Affiliate programs. Selecting of affiliate program depends on the niche of your blog.

Now let’s talk about best Adsense alternatives for your blog.

Top 10 Adsense alternatives

Here is the list of best Google Adsense alternatives to try. You can use these ad networks along with Google Adsense as well. These ad networks offer decent way of earning money with your blog.

1. Chitika

Chitika Google Adsense alternate

Chitika is a search targeted ad network. It is one of the best alternate of Google Adsense that works similar. It pays in time and the payout is $10 which can be received by PayPal. Minimum payout is also easy to reach by website masters. You can also try it along with Google adsense for better earning. basically, Chitika shows CPM ads. It means, it pays for impression. Earning depends on many factors, so we cannot say how much you will earn. But it works best if you have traffic from USA and Canada.

Does it really work?

Yes of course and I have personally used this. It is not as good as Google Adsene. But it is still better than many other ad networks available. Best thing about this ad-network is that you will receive your payments always in time.

Signup Chitika

2. Media.net

Media.net ads

Media.net is a contextual advertising network powered by yahoo and Bing. It also offers good quality ads. If you are looking for a good Google Adsense alternate, you can go for it. The only thing I hate about this advertising network is that it display less information on account as compared to Adsense. You will never know about clicks you received in ads.

Signup Media.net

3. Sulvo

Sulvo Ad network

Sulvo is less know Advertising network I have been using for long. It shows high quality ads and pays for impressions, not clicks. When there are no good ads to show, it show Google Adsense as fall back. I have written a full review of Sulvo. It pays on next 60 basis and payments always come in time.

The best thing about this network is that it pays much higher than any other eCPM based network. I usually get eCPM of higher than $0.4 for my Indian traffic that is much better than any other similar ad network. It also offers responsive ad units, so it doesn’t affect your website’s layout on mobile devices.

Signup Sulvo

4. Infolinks

Infolinks ads

Infolinks is also a good option if you are looking for Adsense alternative. It offers 4 types of ads – InFold, InText, InTag and InFrame. You can opt for any type of ads you want to display in your website. Minimum payment threshold is $50 for Paypal payment.

The in-text advertising is the most popular where it adds advertisements to few texts. Hovering the text opens ads and clicks generate revenue.

Signup Infolinks

5. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser adsense alternate

Bidvertiser is a PPC ad network. You can easily customize ad units to make it fully compatible on your blogs. it has variety of ad banners to add on your blog. The minimum payout for Paypal is $10 and for Standard Cheque, it is $25.

Signup Bitvertiser

6. Adversal


Adversal is also a good advertising network but it requires at least 50000 page views per month to approve. The minimum payout is $20 and it pays on net 35 days basis. You can get payments via PayPal, wire transfer, and ACH by the end of next month. If you are looking for a good alternate of Adsense, you ca go with Adversal.

Signup Adversal

7. Content.ad


Content.ad is similar to Google’s Matched content ads. It shows interesting articles to read. You can put it in sidebar or below the main content and earn decent income. They also pay in time and payment methods including Paypal, Wire transfer, Check and local bank transfer.

Signup Here

8. Viglink

Viglink tool to earn money

Viglink helps you in boosting your earning by adding affiliate text links on random keywords. I am using this on one of my blogs and it is offering me decent income. It is not the best Adsense alternate but it works good with Adsense or any other ad networks. It also pays in time and offers several payment methods.

Sign up Viglink

9. Skimlinks


Skimlinks is similar to Viglinks that converts few words of your blog into affiliate links and earn from sales. In this way, it boosts your earning. You can Skimlinks along with any other Advertising network.

Signup Skimlinks

10. Amazon Display Ads

Amazon is one of the biggest online store in the world. It offers Amazon Associates program that can earns decent income. Initially, it allowed users to text affiliate links. But it has now aded option to show dynamic image ads to your blog. These banners redirect users using your affiliate links. In this way, it helps in increasing your Amazon affiliate income.

Signup Amazon Associates

Final Wods
These are the Best Google Adsense alternates which can give a good earning with your blog. But no one can give you earning as you can earn with Google Adsense. I also recommend to go for affiliate marketing and other options of earning money from blog. You can not rely only on one option.

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