How to Add Custom Background to WordPress Posts and Pages

Most of the WordPress themes come with an option to change the background. But have you ever thought of having different post background. You will never find this option in any theme. But you may need different background for posts and pages just for making your blog look better and different. For this, you can use a freely available plugin, Custom Background Extended.

Add Custom Background to WordPress Posts and Pages with Custom Background Extended

If you want to add custom background to your WordPress posts or pages, install Custom Background Extended plugin on your WordPress. This plugin will add an extra custom meta box to the post editor and page editor as well. When you are creating a new post or page content, you can use this meta box to add a custom background.

It lets users select a background color or image. If you are using custom image, it also lets you select vertical and horizontal position of background image. If nothing is selected, default post background will be displayed.

Custom Background WOrdPress post and pages

If after plugin installation, there is no meta box for background. It means your theme is not supporting this feature. You need to manually add theme support for custom background. Just edit the functions.php file and add this code.

There are few other plugins which do similar kind of job and let users add custom background. If you know more plugin, share it with us via comments.


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