5 Plugins For Adding Watermark on WordPress Blog’s Images

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WordPress is the most popular CMS that powered millions of websites online. It has large community of developers who contribute in plugins and themes. This is why we can do any kind of task in WordPress with available plugins. In this post, we will see few nice plugins to add a watermark in your WordPress website’s images. If you have a photo-blog, it is must to add a watermark on your images and prevent unauthorized use of your images anywhere else. Watermark is the mark (logo, text or signature) on an image. Whenever someone copy your images, he will have images with your watermark. People will easily identify that images belong to you.¬†There are many WordPress plugins are available for free that can add watermark on your images.

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5 Watermark Plugins for WordPress

1. Signature Watermark

Signature Watermark is a nice WordPress plugin that lets users add watermark on all images uploaded in WordPress media library. This plugin can add text or image watermark at any position decided by you. It also has a preview option to let you know the exact position of watermark on the image before publishing it on live website.

It is available for free but a premium version with much more features is already available.

2. Watermark Reloaded

Watermark Reloaded is another popular WordPress plugin to place a watermark on your website’s images. You can add watermark with customizable fonts, size and position. This plugin requires PHP5, GD extension and FreeType Library. It is also available in free and premium versions. These are the main features of the plugin:

  • watermark opacity
  • image watermark
  • watermark background color
  • text watermark with outline
  • text watermark with variables

You can also add time to automatically turn off watermarking.

3. Watermark My Image

Watermark My Image is another nice plugin for watermarking your WordPress blog’s images. In this plugin, you can customize the height and width of the watermark. Text size, font and placing can also be customized. In case you need to apply manual font, you can upload it in the fonts’ directory of plugin. It also requires GD extension for PHP and FreeType Library.

4. Easy Watermark

Easy Watermark is another similar kind of WordPress plugin that automatically adds watermark to images when they are uploaded to the WordPress Media Library. You can also add watermark to existing images manually. It can add text or image watermarks. Image watermark can be a jpg, png or gif. Text watermark is generated using ttf fonts. In text watermark, you can set color, size and rotation.

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5. DMCA WaterMarker

DMCA WaterMarker is a different kind of WordPress plugin. It adds DMCA watermark on the images. After installation, you can select the desired badge from settings page. To receive the full benefit, you should signup for an account on DMCA.com. If you do not want to create an account, you can still use the image and DMCA badge on images.


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