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Almost every big dynamic website requires a backend to manage the data. If you are using a framework, it could be simple task. But creating it from scratch can requires a lot of effort because there are lots of things to build. In this post, we are adding few free admin templates that you can use to give your backend a better look.

5 Free HTML Admin Templates

1. Charisma Admin Template

Charisma Admin Template

Charisma is a nice admin panel template that comes with many UI elements and plugins. It works on all modern browsers. Design is responsive. It is open source and comes for free.

Demo Download

2. Blue Nile Admin Template

Blue Nile Admin Template

Blue Nile Admin Template is built with Twitter Bootstrap. It is responsive and comes with so many nice components like navigation, tables, forms and error pages and many other pages which you would need while creating the admin panels.

Demo Download

3. Spring-Time Admin Template


Spring-Time is another nice Admin panel template you can get for free. It also comes with various design elements and plugins. You can use this to create a simple and clean admin panel.

Demo Download

4. BlueWhale Admin Template

BlueWhale Admin Template

BlueWhale Admin Template is a 960 Grid Framework that uses jQuery + jQuery UI. It has all kind of pages like dashboard, forms, tables, typography, charts and many other.

Demo Download

5. HTML5 Admin Template

HTMl5 Admin

HTML5 Admin Template is also very good template. It comes with graphs, forms and many other dashboard templates.

Demo Download


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