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2000+ Flat Icons for WordPress

2000+ Flat Icons for WordPress Posted on February 26, 2016Leave a comment

Deepanker Verma is the CEO of Techlomedia and a full time blogger. On this blog, he shares web design resources, SEO tips blog monetization tips.

Vicons - Font Icons WordPress
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Flat icons are one of the most important parts of a flat web design. With the growing use of Flat design, developers are now searching for appropriate flat icons to use in their web design project. If you own a WordPress blog and use a flat theme, you should also use flat icons for the compatible look and feel. Flat icons with the flat design look good. Not just with flat design, you can also use it with ordinary design to make it more impressive. For including flat icons, in your WordPress blog, you must download and then upload CSS file of that icon pack in your server. Then include it in your theme’s header file. If you think of using multiple icons pack, you will have to do this for all icons pack. If you find it hard to search and including flat icons in WordPress, you must know about Vicons.

Vicons – Font Icons for WordPress

Vicons is an all in one icons pack plugin for WordPress. It comes with 2000+ flat icons to use. You can insert these icons in any post, page, widget, menu or custom post type. Easy to use shortcodes are also available. You can also use animated icons. All these icons are responsive, and you do not need to write a single line of code for including the icons. Everything is easy to use.

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The best thing about this icons pack is that it brings most of the popular icons sources at one place. It brings icons from:

  • Font awesome
  • Entypo by Daniel Bruce
  • Typicons by Stephen Hutchings
  • Iconic by P.J. Onori
  • Modern Pictograms by John Caserta
  • Meteocons by Alessio Atzeni
  • MFG Labs
  • Maki by Mapbox
  • Zocial by Sam Collins
  • Brandico
  • Elusive
  • Linecons
  • Web Symbols

In place of including all these icons separately, you can use this single plugin and enjoy all kind of icons.

Use of Vicons

After installation, it automatically includes the required CSS files. In post editor, you will also see a button to quickly include these icons.

Vicons post editor

Clicking on this button will open a pop-up box where you can search for icons and include in your post.


Add shortcode will add the shortcode for that icons.

Similarly, you can also use it in widgets and menu.

If you are interested in using this plugin, you should buy it from Codecanyon and then install in your WordPress blog. It is priced at $18 only.

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Deepanker Verma is the CEO of Techlomedia and a full time blogger. On this blog, he shares web design resources, SEO tips blog monetization tips.

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