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Web design has changed a lot since its beginning. Almost every month, we see some new trends hitting web design and few of them managed to revolutionize the way we design web pages. While Bootstrap was ruling the web design, material design has become popular in recent days. Web designers keep on experimenting on new things to show their creativity and design eye catching web pages. If you are still using the same old ways of web design, we have brought you few innovative, inspiring web pages designed by creative web designers. These pages will let you know the latest web design trend and will inspire you to use these web design trends in your own design.

Latest Web Design Inspirations

1. Bookmyshow career page

Bookmyshow web design inspiration

Visit the career page of Bookmyshow and start scrolling down. You will surely love the way it was designed.

2. whiteboard.is


It shows how to effectively use video backgrounds to improve user experience.

3. studioairport.nl


Entry point is the soul of this design.

4. weareint.io

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 2.23.34 AM

Use of slider was never this much of interesting.

5. www.drxlr.com

www.drxlr.com Web design inspiration

Simple but attractive.

6. studiobreakfast.be

Web design Inspiration

Simplest way to show creativeness.

7. quoplus.com

Web Design Inspiration

You will scroll up and down multiple times to see what happens.

8. colinanddewi.com

Web Design Inspiration

You will fall in love with this beautifully designed website.

9. Lab21.gr

Web design inspirations

10. Flatomedia.com

Web design inspiration

11. Ideamatic.net

Web design Inspiration

I like the way they animated things on the page.


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