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11 ways to Boost Google Adsense Earnings

11 ways to Boost Google Adsense Earnings Posted on March 30, 20122 Comments

Deepanker Verma is the CEO of Techlomedia and a full time blogger. On this blog, he shares web design resources, SEO tips blog monetization tips.

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Google Adsense Earnings

Google Adsense is the best Pay Per Click Ad program of the world and most trusted as well. In this post, I am not going to tell you why Google Adsense is best of all PPC programs. But I want to say one thing that no other PPC Adsense alternate is close to it. There are many people who are getting good Google Adsense Earnings. I am also using Google Adsense in all my blogs and websites and earning a full-time income.

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Google Adsense mainly offers banner ads, link ads, Adsense for search, Adsense for domains and Adsense for domains. But the user must know how to use all these ads properly on the website to boost the revenue. There are many factors which affect our daily Google Adsense Earnings.

There are many bloggers who are earning their full time earning from Adsense but there are also many bloggers who complain that Adsense sucks and does not pay well. Here I want to say that both types of bloggers are right. Google Adsense is best but it sucks when it is used improperly. If a bloggers want to earn better, he must know the proper use of Google Adsense.

If you also want to earn a good daily earning, here are some quick tips which you must follow to get best from Google Adsense and boost Google Adsense Earnings. I am sure you will start seeing improvement and increase in AdSense revenue.

Before going to write about ways to boost Adsense earning, I want to tell you few things about Adsense. Google AdSense basically pays for clicks. Not every click pays the same amount. There are various factors which confirm the payment for the click. Geographical location and ad type play important role in the learning. Internet users are now smarter and they can easily distinguish between your ads and content. You can not mask your ads or encourage visitors to click on ads because it is against the Google’s terms and conditions. So, you will have to do lots of efforts to improve your AdSense revenue.

Now, you can proceed to the next section and read the ways which can help you in boosting your Adsense earning.

11 ways to Boost Google Adsense Earnings

1. Find high paying keywords and use them properly on the page

This the best way of increasing the AdSense income. Google shows ads related to the content of the page. So, keywords used in the content are the primary factor which affects the ads shown on the page. If you are using keywords which have high CPC on Google Adwords, ads on your page will get more revenue for you if clicked. If you generally use keywords which have CPC, then you will also earn high CPC in AdSense. You can use SEMrush tool for keyword research and find high paying keywords. I personally use this tool for keyword research. You should also know how to write and engaging content with high paying keywords.

Recently, Google started pushing interest based ads more than keyword based ads. So, this way cannot help in the same way it used to do.

2. Use large ads above the fold

Most of the people never visit the bottom of the page. So, above the fold is an important area. Try to add large ad unit at the top and most of the ads above the fold. But never add too many ads above the fold and try to keep a proper difference between ads and content. Always consider user experience. Because Google already has Page Layout algorithm to punish blogs which spam pages with ads. You should use ads cleverly on the page to show important content along with the ads. You can use a sidebar ad and top header ad on the page. But experiment which ads position is working best for you.

3. Match your AdSense unit color scheme with the color scheme of your blog.

This is the most discussed way and I am sure you already know about this. You should always try to use colors on the ads which are matching with the link colors on your blog. These kinds of ads generally see high CTR on pages.

4. Use images and text/images ad-units both

Most of the people just match the link colors scheme and then start using text ads. But this is wrong. You should use the mixture of images and text ads both. Image banner ads offer high CPC as compared to the regular text ads. Although, CPC depends on the advertisers and campaign, still most of the companies prefer banner ads. So, by enabling all kind of ads, you are opening your blog to more advertisers.

5. Avoid borders on Ads

This is my personal experience on Adsense. If you are using the border in ads, you will see less CTR as compared to borderless ads. So, I personally recommend not to use borders in the ads.

6. User Adsense for feeds.

This is no longer available

7. Use Adsense for search

This is another thing which people missed generally. You can replace the default search of your blog with Adsense search. Adsense search always seems high CTR rate. I usually see that 4 out of 5 people click on ads.

8. Try to increase your organic traffic

If you have regular readers on your blog, it is good. But organic traffic is most important for Adsense earning. Organic visitors are those which are generally searching for something. So, ads on your website will be related to their search query. And they are still searching, so they can click on ads if they find ads relevant. Organic CPC offers more CTR as compared to direct or referral visits. This is why you SEO is very important for your blog’s earning. Learn how to increase the organic traffic of your blog. Use off page SEO and on page SEO to boost the organic ranking of your blog.

9. Your link units should be in hot spots where they can be seen easily by visitors.

Google offers link unit ads. Most of the people generally add link units near the menu or sidebar. But you should try to do proper research for at least one month to find the best place to put link unit. Link units are small and can only be clicked if these are easily visible and exposed. So, try to find where these units can see more clicks.

10. Occasionally change ads position on your blog to see the change in earning and select the position which is best paying.

This is what I said many times in my post. Every blog is different. So, never try to copy the ads position of other blogs. Try to do a research on your blog. Keep changing ads position and ads size every week and note the revenue. When you are done with an experiment in all ad placements, check what ad placement offered more revenue.

11. Block low paying advertisers with Competitive Filters

This is another thing you can do in the Adsense. You can block low paying ads from appearing on your blog. In AdSense, you can see a top menu saying “Allow & block ads” to block low paying ads.

These are some quick tips which everyone must follow to boost Adsense revenue. Some blogger also wrote few more tips on the same. But I think I have written all methods which are essential. If you are an Adsense publisher then you must keep on playing with ad units and its positions on the blog to see the earning variation. This will help you to know better position to earn better.


Deepanker Verma is the CEO of Techlomedia and a full time blogger. On this blog, he shares web design resources, SEO tips blog monetization tips.

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