Drag and Drop File Upload Script with HTML5 and jQuery

Fileupload is an important functionality of a website. Most of the times we needs users to upload pictures of some other kind of files on the server. Creating a file upload is simple and easy. I have also shared so many nice ways to create a file upload with jQuery and PHP. But we have seen drag and drop file upload in many websites. It is created with the help of HTML5 and jQuery. It only works on the browsers that support HTML5. So users need to have a latest web browser.

Creating fileupload with drag and drop looks cool and improves website look. It also make website more user friendly. Drag and drop file upload can be coded with Drag & Drop Api. In this post I am sharing a nice free file upload script.

Drag and Drop File Upload with HTML5 and jQuery

But you can also use the cool script upload center which helps web developers to integrate drag and drop file upload on the website. This script works only in Chrome and Firefox as only these brosers support the HTML5 and the API.

Currently this file uploads work only in Firefox and Chrome. But we can expect from the newer version of other web browsers to support this in near future.


Read more about the script and code on developer website.

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