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All webmasters and bloggers want to increase website traffic day by day. For this they write better articles along with the use of various SEO tips and social media sharing. Social media and search engines are the good source of the traffic. So blogger target readers by writing good content with proper SEO and sharing. As we know that good content is the best way to make your blog popular and attract readers, some optimization is also necessary to make website search engine friendly. When I looked at the search traffic to my blog, I saw that there are many visits that come from Google Images. I was happy to see my blog’s growth in Google images. It also encouraged me to optimize my images for Google images. Like me, very few bloggers take care of the images same as they do for the content. Very few know that images can also be a good source of traffic and never think of Image SEO. If you optimize website images properly, you can get the traffic from various image search engines. In this post, We will see how Image SEO can be done and how it can increase website’s search engine traffic.

3 Ways to Optimize Website Images to Increase Traffic

Follow these simple Image SEO tips to optimize website images to increase website traffic.

1. Use descriptive name

Always use proper keywords in the image names. Suppose you are writing a post about the Google Panda, then make sure use the name Google_panda.jpg or something which contains Google panda. This can improve image visibility in the search results. Most of the CMS use some random numbers in place of proper name, so make sure change the name to get most of your images. Although, Google is now smarter and can scan the content inside the image. But many other search engines still rely on the image name. So, we should always take care of the image name.

2. Proper Alt in image tags

ALT is an attribute of the image tag. Text which we write in ALT is shown at the place of the image if the image is not available when the connection is slow. It is also indexed by the search engines as the main keyword for the image. When someone search for a word in the image search engines, ALT plays a main role in the image ranking. So use of proper ALT in image tags can increase your image search engine visibility which will surely attract some good amount of traffic.

3. Use of caption and text in the image

You can also a descriptive caption to the image. And try to add the keyword text in the image if possible. Search engines can read the text inside images and give this text more priority than the text in the name and the ALT. This can not be applied on all the images but try your best to fit some keywords as a text on the image.

If you are WordPress user, you can try WordPress Plugin For SEO Friendly images. It works good and add all the things needed for SEO automatically. It adds ALT text based on the pattern you selected in the settings.

Images are an important part of your website and must used with each post you do. But you should not avoid Image SEO and try to optimize website images as much as you can. If you are not taking care of the image optimization, you are losing a good amount of traffic for sure.


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